“Competition 4.0” Platform – is a venue for talks for players in commodity and financial markets, representatives of various government bodies and regulators, researchers and experts, representatives of international organizations.

         Competition 4.0’s main purpose is to identify systemic and structural problems that limit the competitive environment, economic growth and innovation, and find efficient solutions, generate new ideas, promote experience exchange and obtaining advice from professionals.

         Basic goals:
1.  Raising awareness of public at large, business entities, public organizations, the scientific and expert community and government agencies about the importance and outcomes of competition policy.
2.  Formulating ideas, visions and proposals aimed at ensuring the formation of strategic decisions alternative to traditional government regulation of approaches, including those based on behavioral science, to develop competition, reduce regulatory burden in the functioning of commodity, financial and digital markets and guarantee their effectiveness.
3.  Engage the public in the activities of the Antimonopoly Committee for:
the formation of a competitive culture and behavior of market participants; ·
discussion of the impact of regulations and decisions of State bodies on competition;·
prompt identification of any forms of anti-competitive actions; ·
taking proactive antitrust measures.

        The specifics of the platform
conducting open discussions on competition policy and antitrust regulation; ·
involvement of international organizations in discussing the implementation of structural reforms in the economy; ·
development of action plans and roadmaps for the development of competition in commodity, financial and digital markets;·
support in the creation of non-governmental organizations to promote competition.

         Residents of the platform “Competition 4.0.” – These are representatives of private business, academia, the expert community, research institutes, public and international organizations, professional associations of market participants and government agencies.