In accordance with the Regulation №230 «Оn the recognition of market dominance of an economic entity or a group of individuals and maintenance of the Public Register of economic entities holding dominance in the commodity or financial markets”, approved by the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan, the Antimonopoly Committee determines the procedure and conditions of recognition the dominant position of an economic entity or group of persons in the commodity or financial market, as well as the procedure for the formation the Public Register of economic entities that hold a dominant position in the commodity or financial market.

The state register of business entities that occupy a dominant position in the product or financial market as of 10.12.2020

P / p No. Name of business entities P / p No. Name of the monopoly type of goods (services)
  Economic entities for the production of goods
I. Bakery and grain
one Group of persons: 44 enterprises belonging to the JSC ” Uzdonmakhsulot “ one Seeds of wheat
* Group of persons: 39 enterprises belonging to the JSC ” Uzdonmahsulot “ 2 Compound feed
II. Food
2 JSC ” Biokimyo “ 3 Ethyl alcohol, food
3 JSC “Andijan Biochemical Plant”
4 JSC ” Bektemir spirt” experimental plant
five JSC ” Kokand Biokimo “
6 JSC ” Khorazm – Shakar “ 4 Sugar sand
7 LLC “Angren Shakar “
eight Group entities: 16 companies that make up the Association ” Uzogmoysanoat “ five Edible oil (including packaged)
nine JSC ” Uchqo’rg’on – yog “
10 JSC ” Turon-Xojeli “
eleven LLC ” Vangosi Agroexport “
III. Coal
12 JSC ” Uzbekkumir “ 6 Coal
7 Kaolin clay
13 JSC ” Sharakunkumir “ * Coal
IV. Oil and gas industry
fourteen Fergana Oil Refinery LLC eight Petroleum products (gasoline of all brands, kerosene, diesel, fuel oil, etc.)
fifteen LLC “Bukhara Oil Refinery”
sixteen JSC ” Uzbekneftgaz “ nine Natural gas
17 LLC ” Shurtan gas-chemical complex”
* LLC “Bukhara Oil Refinery” 10 Liquefied gas
* Fergana Oil Refinery LLC
* JSC ” Uzbekneftgaz “
* LLC ” Shurtan gas-chemical complex”
* JSC ” Uzbekneftgaz “ eleven Gas condensate
* LLC ” Shurtan gas-chemical complex”
* JSC ” Uzbekneftgaz “ 12 Oil production
* JSC ” Uzbekneftgaz “ 13 Technical sulfur
18 JV LLC LUKOIL Uzbekistan Operating Company
V. Chemical industry
* LLC ” Shurtan gas-chemical complex” fourteen Polyethylene granules
* LLC “Bukhara Oil Refinery” fifteen Solvent
nineteen JSC ” Almalyk MMC” sixteen Technical sulfuric acid (contact)
17 Phosphorite flour
twenty JSC ” Navoiazot “ 18 Formalin
21 JSC ” Maxam – Chirchiq “ nineteen Urea grade A
22 LLC ” Kungrad Soda Plant” twenty Soda ash
Vi. Mechanical engineering and metallurgy
23 JSC “Aggregate Plant” 21 Cotton sprayers OVH-600
24 JSC ” UzAutoMotors “ 22 Cars (basic equipment)
25 JSC ” Avtoyna “ 23 Automotive glass
* JSC ” Almalyk MMC” * 24 Cathode copper refined ( cathode, a copper rod), zinc metal
25 Iron supplements
26 JSC “Uzbek plant for procurement and processing of scrap, non-ferrous metal waste” 26 Secondary aluminum (different grades)
27 Procurement of scrap and waste of non-ferrous metals
27 JSC ” Uzmetkombinat “ 28 Steel rolled balls (grinding balls)
29 Procurement (purchase) of scrap and waste of ferrous metals
28 LLC ” Samavto “ thirty Buses of 2 brands
29 Jizzakh Battery Plant JSC 31 Batteries
thirty DP “Andijan Mechanical Plant” 32 Tank car for oil products, model 15-9721
33 Tank car for sulfuric acid model 15-9724
Vii. Electrical industry
31 JSC “Foton” 34 Cash register machines
VIII. Construction Materials
32 JSC ” Kizilkumcement “ 35 Cement
33 JSC ” Kuvasaycement “
34 JSC ” Akhangarancement “
35 A group of persons in the structure of the Committee on Roads under the Ministry of Transport of the Republic of Uzbekistan (a total of 21 business entities) 36 Asphalt concrete mix
36 JSC ” Quartz” * 37 Sheet glass
37 JSC ” Eyvalikmakhsustemirbeton “ 38 Reinforced concrete sleepers
38 UE ” Kuylyuk Experimental Plant of Pavements and Reinforced Concrete Products “ 39 Reinforced concrete products for road
IX. Services
39 SUE “RADIOALOQA, RADIOESHITTIRISH VA TELEVIDENIE MARKAZI” at Mininfocom 40 Services of broadcasting television, radio broadcasting programs, retransmission of satellite TV and radio programs, radio communication services
40 State Unitary Enterprise “Republic of Makhus aloқa boғlamasi ” * 41 Services of reloading of stamped packages (forwarding of parcels)
41 Courier service at the Agency of Telecommunications and Post of Uzbekistan
42 JSC ” Uzbektelecom “ 42 Services for the provision of international data transmission and lease of international channels
43 JSC ” Uzbekistan Airways “ 43 Transportation of passengers and goods, postal transports
44 LLC ” Uzbekistan Нelicopters “ 44 Agricultural aviation services
45 JSC ” Uztemiryulcontainer “ 45 Installation, repair and maintenance of railroad scales
46 JSC ” Uzzheldorpass “ 46 Self-service luggage storage service
47 SUE “FOND BOZORINING AXBOROT-RESURS MARKAZI” 47 Services providing access to the Unified software and hardware complex of the stock market
48 State Unitary Enterprise “Republican cash collection service at the Central Bank of the Republic of Uzbekistan” 48 Collection services for the receipt of funds from business entities, services for interbank   transfers of funds and other values
49 State Unitary Enterprise “Center for the provision of services in the agro-industrial complex” 49 Crop certification and quality control services
fifty JSC “Republican Commodity and Raw Materials Exchange” fifty Exchange services (exchange transactions, settlement and clearing and information operations)
51 Department for ensuring compliance with the requirements of legislation in the field of technical regulation, standardization, certification and metrology at the Agency ” Uzstandard “ 51 Testing laboratory certification
52 State Enterprise “Uzbek National Institute of Metrology” 52 Provision of services for verification of measuring instruments, metrological certification of measuring instruments
53 Group of persons: ” Uzbekexpertiza JSC ” and 12 regional subsidiaries (total 12 economic entities) 53 Services of certification of the origin of goods
* JSC ” Navoiyazot “ 54 Services for the delivery of mineral fertilizers to wholesalers and their storage
54 SUE ” ToshkentboshplanLITI “ 55 Development of general plans and urban planning documentation; Development of projects for the development of microdistricts; Author’s supervision; Coordination on the choice of land plots for the placement of objects
55 SUE ” Uzshaharsozlik LITI” * Development of general plans and urban planning documentation; Author’s supervision; Coordination on the choice of land plots for the placement of objects
56 SUE “SAMARKAND AEROGEODEZIYA” 56 Aerial photography services
57 Services in prektirovaniyu highways
* LLC ” Shurtan gas-chemical complex” 58 Rental services of tank wagons for the supply of liquefied gas
57 Group of persons: 44 enterprises belonging to the JSC ” Uzdonmahsulot “ 59 Cleaning, drying of grain
58 LLC “Avtokombinat No. 3” 60 Services for the transportation of flour in a non – sterile way
59 LLC ” Makhsus avtokhuzhalik ” Bukhara 61 Sanitary cleaning services (removal of household waste)
61 State Unitary Enterprise ” Makhsustrans “
Transportation of household and solid waste from the Ministry of Railways (waste transfer stations) to the landfill
62 State Unitary Enterprise ” Chiқindilarni Kaita Yuklash va Utilization Kilish “ 62 Reception and transshipment of household and solid waste
63 Group of persons: State Unitary Enterprise “Center for State Environmental Expertise” and 14 regional enterprises (total 14 economic entities) 63 Implementation of the state ecological expertise
64 UE ” Toshavtota’mirkhizmat “ 64 Bus repair services
65 SUE ” Toshkent Shahar ep spine Umum Tisch muhandislik kollektorlari boshқarmasi “ 65 Services of engineering collectors (heating systems, water and refrigeration lines, power cables, communications)
66 State Unitary Enterprise “Military Unit 41564” 66 Communication equipment repair services
67 State Unitary Enterprise “Military Unit 44114” 67 Services of repair, maintenance, cutting of weapons and military-technical property
68 State Unitary Enterprise “Cartographic Center of the Ministry of Defense of the Republic of Uzbekistan” 68 Creation, updating of digital topographic and special maps of scales from 1: 50,000 to 1: 1,000,000, publication of large-scale and small-scale maps
69 State Unitary Enterprise ” Kuv Ta’lim Taminot “ 69 Delivery of inventory items (textbooks, laboratory equipment , furniture, etc.)
70 State Enterprise Design Institute ” Voenproekt “ 70 Preparation of design and estimate documentation for the construction of facilities of the Ministry of Defense, SNB, Ministry of Emergency Situations and the Ministry of Internal Affairs
71 Group entities : OOO «Rubicon wireless communication», OOO « COSCOM», JSC «Uzbektelecom» 71 Mobile data service (internet)
72 Voice communication service
72 OOO ” Unitel “ * Mobile data service (internet)
73 DP “GAZ-SERVIS-DIZAYN” 73 Repair of household gas meters
74 State Unitary Enterprise “Republican Expedition for the Protection of Grain Products “ 74 Services for the disinfection of grain and grain products
* DP “Andijan Mechanical Plant” 75 Major overhaul with the extension of the useful life up to a doubled period; replacement of the boiler. Tank car for sulfuric acid model 15-1424-55, 15-1424-56, 15-1424-57, 15-1226-05
75 State unitary enterprise “Yangi tekhnologar ” ilmiy akhborot markazi “ 76 Services for the centralized storage of electronic invoices, transfers between operators and account management
76 LLC ” O’zbekiston kabel televideniyasi “ 77 The service for the formation and distribution of a package of television programs of foreign TV channels to economic entities of cable and IP-television on the territory of the Republic of Uzbekistan
77 State Unitary Enterprise “Center for the organization of electronic online auctions” 78 Organization and conduct of electronic online auctions, including access of interested parties to the processes of electronic online auctions
79 Issuance of certificates of electronic digital signature keys for participation in electronic online auctions
78 State Unitary Enterprise “Center for Accreditation” under the Agency ” Uzstandard “ 80 Service (conduct) of accreditation of conformity assessment bodies and metrological services
79 State Unitary Enterprise “Republican Center for Management of Telecommunications Networks of Uzbekistan” 81 Service of registration of IMEI codes of mobile devices
80 A group of individuals: SUE « Dori vositalari tibbiy buyumlar va tibbiy texnika ekspertizasi va standartlashtirish davlat markazi » and 4 of daughter companies 82 Service for testing and certification of drugs, medical devices and medical equipment
X. Financial services
81 LLC “UZPAYNET” 83 Acceptance of payments by the payment agent network from individuals
82 LLC “United nationwide processing center” 84 Provision of processing services (primary issue of bank plastic cards and acquiring) among the participants of the Uzcard system
83 State Enterprise “Central Securities Depository” 85 Registration and accounting of rights to securities
86 Implementation (delivery) of settlements in securities based on the results of trading
87 Transfer of securities under a registered transaction
88 Keeping registers of owners of securities
89 Registration of over-the-counter transactions in securities
84 JSC “Uzbek Republican Currency Exchange” 90 Organization and conduct of interbank exchange trading for the purchase and sale of foreign currency
91 Organization and conduct of trades with government securities
92 Organization and execution of settlement and clearing and depository operations at exchange auctions in government securities
93 Organization and conduct of exchange trading in the money market
85 JSC “Republican Stock Exchange” Toshkent “ 94 Organization and conduct of exchange trading and transactions with securities
95 Settlement, clearing and information services
86 National Bank for Foreign Economic Affairs of the Republic of Uzbekistan 96 Settlements in cash based on the results of transactions with securities in organized trading in securities
87 LLC “Credit Bureau” Credit Information Analytical Center “ 97 Providing users and subjects of credit information with information about the credit history of subjects of credit information
88 JSCB “Agrobank” 98 Lending to farms
XI. Other industries
89 State Unitary Enterprise “Vostok” 99 Small arms cartridges
90 LLC ” Jizzakh buttermilk uruғchiligi “ 100 Sowing seeds for harvest
91 LLC “Orthopedics Rehabilitation” 101 Prosthetic and orthopedic products, orthopedic footwear
* JSC “Quartz” 102 Canning glass containers ( glass jars )
* JSC ” Biokimyo “ 103 Hydrolysis alcohol (technical)
92 State Unitary Enterprise ” Davlat belgisi ” (” Gosznak “) 104 Products made from special types of paper with a degree of protection for securities ( passport, travel cards, etc.)
93 JSC JV “UZBAT A.O.” 105 Cigarettes containing tobacco